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Welcome to MARVELOUS! We are a Marvel Cinematic Universe site, based a month prior to the events of Infinity War. Please register with your characters name with UPPER CASING, first and last. Here at marvelous, we do accept people from every background. You don't have to be a superb novelist to sign up! Our word count is a mere 200, to spare us those one liners people love so much!

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 Banned List


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banned list

last updated: may 29th

Below are a list of characters that are banned for the reason that they are far too powerful to find a place on our forum. If a member is chosen to portray one of the following characters, it will be with good reason.

• David Haller (Legion)
• Franklin Richards
• Odin
• Black Bolt*
• Thanos
• Apocalypse
• Phoenix Force*
• Nathan Summers*
• Rachel Summers
• Ultron
• Galactus
• Dormammu
• Clones in general
• Kang the Conqueror
• Mephisto
• Silver Surfer
• Celestials
• Omega Level Mutants*
• Kronos
• Master Order
• Destroyer
• Magnus
• Lady Death
• Heralds of Galactus
• Ghost Rider*
• One-Above-All
• Zom
• Cyttorak
• Skaar
• Greek Gods
• Beyonder
• Skrulls*
• Death
• Goblin Force
• Mad Jim Jaspers
• Proemial Gods
• Lord Chaos
• Master Order
• In-Betweener
• Deadpool
• Mistress Love
• Master Hate
• Eon
• Cosmic Beings
• Animals (i.e. pets.)
• Characters that control or manipulate time*

*Special Permission Needed

This list is subject to change as the admins see fit/may not contain all possibly banned characters. Most characters are locked as of this time too, which is the result of us wanting to slow build like the movie(s). And because of that, for the time being, The Guardians of the Galaxy are locked.

UPDATE: Guardians are officially unlocked!

So, hopefully you read here to avoid troubles with apps! Lesser known Marvel heroes are welcomed, aside from the ones who are banned. And custom characters are greatly encouraged!

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