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 The Plot
 Posted: May 1 2017, 11:17 AM


Nicknames / One Above All

Age / Twenty-Six

Occupation / Admin

Married / Marvelous

FC / Stan Lee


Lance / Eastern / He/Him

a marvelous premise

last updated: may 1st

It's been a year since the split of the original Avengers, leaving former allies on opposites of the law. But since then, the world has moved on. More and more, the world has shaped itself, preparing for the future. First, with the recent occurring of supernaturally gifted individuals. And second, with the outbreak of the Inhuman population. Whilst many people hated the rising of change in secret, there were those who began to do something about it.

Most notably, Alexandra, a sophisticated, intellectual, and dangerous woman. With her influence, she has reached out to a handful of names. A few of those names belonging to Wilson Fisk, and Norman Osborne. Together, the three have collaborated. In an attempt to turn the world's situation into their own personal gain. Conspiring with Latveria, they're attempting to replicate the process of creating super powered individuals to fit their very own needs.

The three enlisted help of mercenaries known as Watchdogs. In doing so, they've left trails of their research. Enough clues for both factions of The Avengers to pick up on, leading to information that super soldiers are being created in Latveria. With this intel, the Avengers and Secret Avengers have recently sent both teams to investigate.

plot 1: the sandbox method

Due to this being set a year after Civil War, and the beginning of the site, our first plot will be minimal. The threat of super powers arising in the wrong hands has both factions of Avengers on edge. Also, this will help in forging relationships and character building within the site. What's your character's take on events that has passed over a year? What have they been up to themselves? Do they actively want to join the Avengers? If so, which faction? This first plot will be the stepping off point, and things will become progressively difficult for our characters. As per the custom of the Marvel universe.
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