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Apr 4 2018, 01:08 AM
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<one><b>//</b> Rocket Raccoon</one>

<one>Guardian of the Galaxy</one>

<one>Aka "Subject 89P13"</one>

<one>Caution: Bites</one>


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<div class="text">
Do you harbor a general distaste for everyone and everything? Do you want to blow things up? Or do you just want to get insulted? Then look no further, because Rocket is here to satisfy all those needs! Sure, he's gone semi-legitimate since joining up with the Guardians, but this raccoon guy is still ready to stir up some trouble.<p>
So whether you're a fellow social outsider looking for someone who understands, or an obnoxious douche fixing for a fight with a pint-sized, gun-toting maniac, then please consider Rocket Raccoon for your next threading opportunity.<p>
Sponsored by the Committee to Thread with Rocket.

</div><a href=""><div style="font: bold 8px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center; padding: 5px;">BY MITZI</div></a></center>

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Mar 16 2018, 02:14 AM
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Rocket Raccoon

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<td><a href=""><div style="background-image:url(; width:175px; height:175px;"></div></a></td><td><div style="width:5px;"></div><td><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
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Subject 89P13

<div class="adetails">


<div class="adetails">

Guardians of the Galaxy

<div class="adetails">


<div class="adetails">

Guardian of the Galaxy, aka "Glorified Mercenary"

<div style="height:5px;"></div><div class="aapp">

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ BIO: </font> Rocket is truly one of a kind. Originally your stock-standard lower life form, he was taken by scientists who were commissioned to design the perfect expendable soldier--skilled pilots and fighters who were nonetheless quick and cheap to breed, allowing for their use in dangerous assignments where more 'valuable' individuals could be lost. With this goal in mind, the scientists began a series of procedures on their Subject 89P13 which were not only unethical, but illegal in several star systems.<p>
The process was nothing short of horrific. 89P13's genes were rewritten multiple times as the installation of cybernetics required his body to literally be torn apart and put together, piece by piece, over a period of several months. As the scientists wished, he was given strength and intelligence disproportionate to his size, with a particular aptitude for piloting and mechanical engineering (not to mention proficiency with weapons). Unfortunately, the trauma of his creation precluded any chance of 89P13 being an obedient soldier, let alone a well-adjusted individual.<p>
In retrospect, it was something that the scientists should probably have considered.<p>
One violent and explosive breakout later, 89P13 was fleeing the smoking ruins of the facility in a stolen spacecraft. Adopting the name 'Rocket,' the former test subject set off into the galaxy to make the most of his newfound freedom. In his view, this translated to 'make a ton of money and also definitely kill some guys,' so he began a rather questionable career as a thief, mercenary, and chronic prison escapee, with some arson tossed in because what is life without a little flavor?<p>
Being so lonely and maladjusted, it was ultimately friendship which would--twice over--begin to reform the almost sociopathic Rocket. His partnership with Groot, while initially a matter of convenience, soon grew into an unshakable bond (not that Rocket would ever admit to it). Groot's gentler nature managed to temper the worst of Rocket's antipathy, even slightly cultivating the not-a-raccoon's malnourished conscience. It was only when Rocket and Groot joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, however, that the miniature mercenary really began to grow into something which could almost be considered a hero. Sort of. If you squint really hard and cover your ears to ignore all the gunfire and maniacal laughter, anyway.<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ PERSONALITY</font> Rocket is exactly as dysfunctional as his traumatic past would imply. He is essentially a bundle of fur and malice, quick to anger and even quicker to pull his (disproportionately large) gun. A great deal of this stems from insecurity, as it is rare that anyone takes the diminutive Guardian seriously. A lifetime of being treated like an animal, a scientific freak, or as something laughable and 'cute' has worn down heavily on his sense of self-worth, and as a result, he is instantly hostile to anyone who he thinks sees him this way. He's also coped with the pain by simply turning it outwards, mocking and hurting others before they can get close enough to do the same to him. Even his sense of humor largely comes at others' expense; nothing amuses him more than to cause mayhem. After all, life has been terrible to him. Why shouldn't he return the favor?<p>
Having so few friends, Rocket is actually deeply attached to those he lets into his heart. Groot and the other Guardians are the closest thing he has to a family, and Rocket will go out of his way to protect them. Unfortunately, he has so little experience processing that kind of attachment, and particularly fears that letting anyone get too close will end with him being hurt; his grating personality and tendency to act out are his way of subconsciously keeping them at a safe distance. After Yondu's death, Rocket is gradually starting to overcome this problem, but he has quite a long way to go.<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ ABILITIES</font> Rocket is relatively strong for his small size, allowing him both to handle larger objects than a typical raccoon and to fight more effectively hand-to-hand. Although this strength, combined with his natural agility, means he can often hold his own in physical combat, Rocket's real strength is his programmed affinity for offensive technology. Known for building or modifying his own guns, Rocket has a real talent for turning things into weapons, or else turning weapons into more destructive weapons. He's also a world-class pilot, something which comes in handy when you spend so much time in spacecraft.<p>

</div><div style="height:5px;"></div>
<div class="aplayer">

Tamir | US Pacific | Bradley Cooper...'s voice?

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