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Apr 4 2018, 01:23 AM
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<one><b>//</b> Deke Shaw</one>

<one>From Scavenger to S.H.I.E.L.D.</one>

<one>legally does not exist</one>

<one>Will work for Zima</one>

<one>also gummy bears</one>


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Fresh off a lifetime trapped in the Lighthouse, Deke Shaw has been transported to the wondrous world of the present, where there actually is a world at all. Once used to scrounging, scraping, and generally being shady in order to simply survive, Deke now gets to enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and food without sterilization pills.<p>
It's quite a thrill ride.<p>
As the only person connected to S.H.I.E.L.D. who isn't on every government watchlist in the world, Deke has unusual liberty to leave the Lighthouse and experience the outside world; he also has zero experience with that world, almost guaranteeing shenanigans. And who doesn't want to take part in shenanigans? I know you do. So post below if you're up for shenanigans with a man out of time!

</div><a href=""><div style="font: bold 8px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center; padding: 5px;">BY MITZI</div></a></center>

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Mar 21 2018, 07:04 PM
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Deke L. Shaw

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The Lighthouse

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Sort-of S.H.I.E.L.D. Member

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<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ A SAD HISTORY</font> Deke has the rather unpleasant privilege of being the only human in the present to have grown up after a genuine global apocalypse. It isn't quite technically correct to say he was born on Earth; rather, Deke was born in a subterranean bunker known as the Lighthouse in a fragment of what <i>was</i> Earth. He was one of the last humans born before their Kree rulers used sterilization and artificial incubators to effectively control human reproduction.<p>
Although the planet was literally in pieces and humanity had been reduced to slave labor for an alien race, Deke at least had the benefit of loving parents for the first several years of his life. His mother was an active member of the 'True Believers'--those who faithfully awaited the prophesied arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D.--but still took the time each year to procure an orange for her son's birthday. (The fragrance of orange remains one of his favorite things.) His father Owen, although not quite as devoted to the prophecy as Deke's mother, loved both her and Deke. It was about as happy as anyone could get in the prolonged misery of life after the end.<p>
If there was one constant about life in the Lighthouse, however, it was that happiness was fleeting. A Kree crackdown when Deke was only 9 years old targeted the True Believers; the young boy was forever scarred with the sight of his own mother being taken and executed for her beliefs. The incident had opposite effects on Deke and Owen: the former could no longer put his faith in something that had left him without a mother, while the latter worked through his grief by diving into his late wife's passion. It was only a couple years before Deke was forced to watch as he lost another parent, this time by banishment to the unlivable surface.<p>
The double trauma of losing both parents to some ludicrous fairy tale about time travel crushed Deke. Any real shred of hope he had died with them; from that point forward, he would devote himself solely to the matter of survival. Being a fairly bright young man, Deke managed to eke out a decent existence for himself through clandestine commerce, occasional mercenary work, and an unswerving determination not to get in over his head. He made friends, but never let them get too close--likely so that it wouldn't hurt so badly when they inevitably died like everyone he cared about. Unable to find much joy in the Lighthouse, he resorted to an almost-forgotten technology known as 'the Framework' for occasional escape. He even managed to profit off this illicit simulation, charging others for the opportunity to experience a glimpse of what life on Earth had been like almost a century before.<p>
As someone who'd grown certain that S.H.I.E.L.D. was never going to come save the day, Deke was naturally unsure how to respond to their arrival in the Lighthouse. Initially committed to his self-imposed directive to survive at all costs, he was a reluctant helper at best--and when Daisy Johnson's determination put the lives of the Lighthouse's human residents at risk, a traitor. It was, to his mind, an obvious choice: a few talented people (including one who had <i>destroyed the world</i>) weren't going to change things for the better, and he could both prevent lives from being lost and profit in the process. Naturally, Daisy's colleagues didn't quite buy this line of reasoning, and Agent Coulson decided to lock up the untrustworthy Deke.<p>
Deke managed to escape before too long and, tempted by the prospect of finding his long-lost father, joined S.H.I.E.L.D. in escaping to the planet's surface. The revelation that his father and several others had survived in the wreckage of the Zephyr provided only short-term happiness, however, as it soon turned out that Owen had been killed by his own best friend. This time however, the grief and frustration did not drive Deke to hopelessness and selfish survival. Instead, he became truly committed to helping S.H.I.E.L.D.--so much so that when there proved to be no viable alternative, he chose to sacrifice himself via exploding Chronicom in order to help them return to the past.<p>
Happily for Deke, this turned out not to be the end of his story. By chance, a fragment of the monolith which enabled time travel struck him just before the explosion consumed would have consumed him, sending him back to 2018. The simple, tranquil pleasures of an undamaged Earth were overwhelming, and Deke proceeded to call far too much attention to himself by hugging trees and shotgunning Zimas he couldn't afford. The latter mistake ultimately saw him reunited with S.H.I.E.L.D., and without any other real option, he has elected to stick with them. (Agent Johnson has nothing to do with this choice, shut up.) He also had the pleasure of attending what he would later realize was his own grandparents' wedding, and now along with facing the bizarre trials S.H.I.E.L.D. typically encounters, must contend with a family he technically hasn't been born into yet.<p>It's exactly as uncomfortable as it sounds.<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ PERSONALITY</font> Growing up in the Lighthouse, and especially doing so without parents from a young age, have tuned Deke's entire mindset towards survival. He is practical and pragmatic in almost all things, never hesitating to point out when others are taking excessive gambles and putting themselves or others at risk. He's grown accustomed to dubiously legal (and outright illegal) enterprise, and so long as his actions don't cause obvious suffering for others, generally feels no shame about it.<p>
When under stress, Deke comes across as curt, rough, and somewhat condescending. He can be impatient with what he perceives to be stupid behavior, and often won't bother to hide his frustration. Part of this comes from the generally unpleasant nature of life under Kree authority, but much of it stems from a deeper insecurity. The loss of both his parents in cruel and traumatic circumstances makes it difficult for Deke to let himself care too deeply about anyone else; to do so is to invite that same pain into his life again.<p>
Deke is actually rather averse to the thought of any human having to die, a trait which drove some of his more questionable decisions after the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D. Despite his seeming selfishness, he does have the same noble inclinations as his grandparents; unfortunately, he is sometimes willing to resort to objectionable plans in order to do what he feels is best for those he's protecting. Deke could justify these sorts of choices while living on the Lighthouse, culminating in his betrayal of Daisy, but being surrounded by people with stricter morals is already starting to shift his perspective.<p>
Being transported to the present has allowed for a new, softer side of Deke to emerge. Having grown up in a world of lifeless concrete, the natural splendor of Earth is an absolute marvel to him; too <i>much</i> nature creeps him out, but sunshine, good food, and greenery are a welcome change from three decades in the Lighthouse. The transition (and a bit of Fear Dimension) have also forced Deke to acknowledge the reality that he now wants real connections with his S.H.I.E.L.D. allies, particularly with Daisy and his grandparents, Fitz and Simmons. Only in realizing this has he allowed himself to show more outright empathy and affection, an almost 180-degree turn from his old self. The combination of these unfamiliar feelings and environs has left him rather insecure, as he's well aware of both his own ignorance of life in 2018 and the dim view his compatriots seem to have of him. Nonetheless, Deke is thrilled to be living on a planet with oranges and fresh air and hamburgers, and is determined to enjoy every minute of it.<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ ABILITIES</font> As the Kree effectively kept firearms out of the hands of almost all their human subjects, Deke was forced to learn how to defend himself without them. He is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, having managed to hold his own against Melinda May for a short time. He is also quite handy with technology, a trait he likely inherited from his grandfather, Fitz. One piece of technology with which he is particularly well-acquainted is his gravity puck (although as it is currently being used to hold together space-time, that knowledge is somewhat academic at this point).<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ LIKES</font> Zima, sunlight, <s>Daisy Johnson</s>, orange-scented things, ice cream, the fact that Earth is in one piece<p>

<font style="color:#000000; font-size:10px;">✖ DISLIKES</font> Bugs, Kree, being treated like an idiot, people who are being idiots

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