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Apr 1 2018, 09:41 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>last updated: april 1st</h2>
<div class="maincontent">

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Marvelous newsletter! While technically the fourth, it's the first since our reboot of the entire site. First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. While we are open for recruitment and roleplaying, I'm still editing around the site and adding things randomly. Even my character ad is suffering because of it. xD But I assure you, we'll get ourselves in gear sooner rather than later. <p>

We're still in sandbox mode, so it's character building season until our first sitewide. Which will be held off particularly until after the movie Infinity War, for obvious reasons. Till then, I'm around mostly on the discord to answer whatever questions you have to ask. If I'm not around, feel free to contact one of the staff members.<p>

Lastly, I want to say how excited I am to get things flowing again. I'm even thinking about getting us our very own custom skin for the site. I think you all deserve some good aesthetics and I want to provide just that! This has been another marvelous newsletter. I'll try and bring you better news next time!

<h3>new additions</h3>

I'd like to welcome <b>all the new players</b> to <i>Marvelous</i>! Hope you enjoy your stay, and I look forward to your character inclusions!

Jun 12 2017, 01:31 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>staff wave!</h1>
<h2>last updated: june 12th</h2>
<div class="maincontent">

Okay, so welcome to the third edition of the Marvelous Newsletter! This one is going to be a short one. Because it's pretty straightforward. We're looking out at the members for those possibly interested in becoming a part of the staff team. Which isn't much! It's pretty much keeping the site neat, interacting with new members and trying to strengthen the board. This doesn't mean bring people in for your own specific group or storyline, but actually, suggest categories not filled. <p>

You'll also be asked to advertise, but it's not excessive, don't worry. Plus, you'll get to be a part of staff decisions regarding applications and plot development across the board! Now just because any and everyone can ask, doesn't mean we'll just say yes. We've been watching, and we'll choose those best suited for the future of Marvelous. <p>

If we happen to make a mistake, forgive us! Hindsight should be a super power. xD But anyways, as per usual, PM us with your inquiry!

<h3>new additions</h3>

I'd like to welcome <b>all the new people</b> to <i>Marvelous</i>! Hope you enjoy your stay, and I look forward to your character inclusions!

Jun 4 2017, 09:37 AM
I decided to make this for those who happened to be finished with threads that are just hanging around. If you do, simply post the link and name of the thread in there. There is no special form or what not, so I just need those two things.
May 29 2017, 11:53 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>new skin & plot update</h1>
<h2>last updated: may 29th</h2>
<div class="maincontent">

We're here with a star studding second edition of the Marvelous Newsletter! And this time around, we're here with the announcement of our newest skin! Go on, love on the banner as long as you want. This will be the last skin change for a while, so I won't be throwing any more curve balls! Also, there's a smaller app so it doesn't stretch your topic. But, it's also optional for anybody already accepted! So, besides my rambling. Let's get into the plot update.<p>

As you know, the site began with the sandbox method. Easier for introducing characters and getting everyone to interact. But like every good story, there must be a focus. Something to drive our characters, and keep them on their toes! It is marvel of course, and nothing is ever complacent. And so we unveil to you, the advancement of the storyline!<p>

Toward the end of the site-wide, Norman Osborn will have been arrested. Due to this unforeseen event, Alexandra and Fisk will have to accelerate their plan. Their plan in which pertains to unlocking a stolen Diviner, in order to create their own species. Separate from both Mutants and Inhumans, loyal to only them. While their plan may not have worked, a signal had been shot off.<p>

A signal to the Kree Reapers, who had not received any contact from their fallen brethren. Taking this into precaution, the Kree have decided that the earth can no longer be trusted. Going forward with the option to wage war on the planet who's continued with the creation of Inhumans. Something now considered an Abomination. Equipped with a fully functioning military, the Kree have now set their sights for the earth.

<h3>Guardians of the Galaxy!</h3>

<center><img src=""><p></center>

With the threat of intergalactic war ahead of them, the Earth is most certain peril. Considering they don't get their act together. However, in passing news, Peter Quill has come across this information. And with the threat of war on his home planet, has rounded up his allies in an attempt to protect his homeworld.<p>

Thus, the <b>Guardians</b> are officially unlocked and available for play!<p>

<h3>new additions</h3>

I'd like to welcome both <b>Wex</b> & <b>Ari</b> to <i>Marvelous</i>! Both playing Teddy Altman and Satana Hellstrom, respectively. Hope the both of you enjoy your stay, and I look forward to both character inclusions!

May 13 2017, 09:47 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>premium & future</h1>
<h2>last updated: may 13th</h2>
<div class="maincontent">

Hey, everybody! If you clicked on the link, then you're reading our very first Marvelous Newsletter! We'll be doing a bunch of these every once in a while. There is no set date, pretty much when we want to make an announcement. It also means I can sometimes ramble on, so bare with me!<p>

The first thing I wanted to tackle is the fact that Marvelous has now gone premium! Which means a lot more is open for our characters to explore now. Without all those pesky rules and what not. We also have no ads, and more space. Which I believe is always better going down the road. As I do know some people prefer the safety net of a premium board. Hell, I know I do. xD<p>

Next! I have been constructing a site wide, that should probably be up within a week or so? Don't worry! It will be able to include everyone, no matter who you are! At first I was going for some destruction, then I thought about a simple party/gathering. When I decide, you'll all know. But regardless of the scene, I'm aiming for inclusion of everyone across the board. And I know it's been kind of slow for some membergroups, but you've bared with us through our opening. The site wide will also serve as a plot device to meet new characters. In interesting ways, or even nefarious ones. The choice is always up to you!

<h3>we want you!</h3>

With the growth of the site, I understand that one man can't change the world. (<i>Yes, I probably stole those lyrics from a song I was listening to</i>.) And because of that, I'm opening up recruitment for the staff team! At the moment, I'm in need of moderators. Members who will be able to be around when I'm not, give suggestions, help advertise, and give their review on applications. <p>

I only really need three moderators at the moment, where we'll probably operate in Discord or some form of quick communication. This isn't mandatory, and I can try and do by myself. I just figured if you can ask, why not? You know? But, this part is me rambling on again. Excuse me. And I'll choose the three choices who seem to best exemplify what I'm looking for in a staff member.<p>

The biggest job you'll have? Is making evil cookies for new members to join. And if you are interested? Shoot me a PM on this account!<p>

<h3>new additions</h3>

I'd like to welcome both <b>Max</b> & <b>Mandy</b> to <i>Marvelous</i>! Both playing Carmilla Black and Jean Grey, respectively. Hope the both of you enjoy your stay, and I look forward to both character inclusions!

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