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Welcome to MARVELOUS! We are a Marvel Cinematic Universe site, based a month prior to the events of Infinity War. Please register with your characters name with UPPER CASING, first and last. Here at marvelous, we do accept people from every background. You don't have to be a superb novelist to sign up! Our word count is a mere 200, to spare us those one liners people love so much!

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 Canon List


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the canon list

please remember that most canons aren't listed! just ask, and they'll probably be available. and also, reserves can last up to 5 days!

secret avengers

steve rogers. 99. chris evans.

sam wilson. 38. anthony mackie.

wanda maximoff. 24. elizabeth olsen.

clint barton. 46. jeremy renner.

scott lang. 42. paul rudd.

natasha romanov. 32. scarlett johansson.

bucky barnes. 101. sebastian stan.

the avengers

tony stark. 47. robert downey jr.

james rhodes. 48. don cheadle.

vision. 3. paul bettany.

t'challa. 40. chadwick boseman.


charles xavier. 77. patrick stewart.

logan. 133. hugh jackman.

scott summers. 38. scott eastwood.

jean grey. 38. famke janssen.

hank mccoy. 63. kelsey grammar.

ororo munroe. 38. halle berry.


daisy johnson. 29. chloe bennet.

elena rodriguez. 32. natalia buckley.

joey gutierrez. 38. juan pablo rama.

jt james. 34. axle whitehead.

vijay nadeer. 33. naish dayal.

tucker shockley. 48. john pyper-ferguson.


thor. 1,000+. chris hemsworth.

bruce banner. 47. mark ruffalo.

matthew murdock. 31. charlie cox.

jessica jones. 33. krysten ritter.

luke cage. 37. mike colter.

danny rand. 26. finn jones.


loki. 1,000+. tom hiddleston.

emil blonksy. 47. tim roth.

johann shmidt. 100+. hugo weaving.

wilson fisk. 38. vincent d'onofrio.

erik killmonger. 31. michael b. jordan.

adrian toomes. 55. michael keaton.


phil coulson. 52. clark gregg.

melinda may. 48. ming-na wen.

jemma simmons. 29. elizabeth henstridge.

leopold fitz. 29. iain de caestecker.

alphonso mackenzie. 36. henry simmons.

bobbi morse. 30. adrianne palicki.


thaddeus ross. 65. william hurt.

glenn talbot. 40. adrian pasdar.

everett ross. 44. martin freeman.

malcolm colcord. 55. jack coleman.

nathaniel essex. 164. luke evans.

tony masters. 33. stephen amell.

guardians of the galaxy

peter quill. 36. chris pratt.

gamora. 25. zoe saldana.

rocket raccoon. 10. bradley cooper voice.

drax the destroyer. undisclosed. dave bautista.

groot. teen-ish. vin diesel voice.

mantis. ???. pom klementieff.


claire temple. 34. rosario dawson.

frank castle. 34. jon bernthal.

misty knight. 35. simone missick.

colleen wing. 26. jessica henwick.

karen page. 29. deborah ann woll.

foggy nelson. 31. elden henson.


[CODE]<b>---- last</b> is reserved for <b>alias</b> until <b>month ##</b>[/*code]

  Daisy Johnson is reserved for Toebee until April 04

Quote authored by LANCE on May 1 2017, 12:16 PM


God of Mischief Villain pansexual 1467
<b>loki laufeyson</b> is reserved for <b>petal</b> until <b>may 24th</b>
Quote authored by LOKI LAUFEYSON on May 19 2018, 11:30 PM
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