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 Two Warriors on a Rainbow Bridge, Asgard, Bifrost Bridge (Steve Rodgers)
Thor Odinson
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 12:52 AM


Nicknames / Thor

Age / 1000+

Occupation / God of Thunder

Single / None

FC / Chris Hemsworth


Soapy / NZST / He/Him

Thor had scoured every place he could think of to find his friend. He had found Stark within but an hour of his arrival on Midgard, but the other half to his search had been fruitless for the greatest time. High and low within the city known as New York he had searched but to no great success, only rumors, whispers... Nothing more.

Finally he had deemed it beyond his power to find Steve Rodgers. The man known to the world as Captain America had simply vanished too far and too long ago for Thor to effectively pick up a trail. How would one follow a thread more than a year gone? For not the first time since his return he cursed his own inability to divide himself to hold many places at once. He was but one Asgardian, how could he truly have held the Avengers firm when he was called away to more important matters? It seemed many laughed now at his folly, but he refused to heed them. He had much to do, and he was acutely aware of the ever dwindling sands that told of the Mad Titan's approach.

Leaving the city of New York, he hefted his mighty hammer, raising it high above his head. "Heimdall!" he called to the Heavens. "Return me to Asgard, I have matters I must attend to!"
A moment passed, before the skies parted to admit the Rainbow bridge. The pillar of rainbow light snagged him from his perch upon Midgard's ground and hoisted him far up and away to the grand and golden city of his home.

"Welcome home Mighty Thor, I did not expect you returned so soon" spoke Heimdall as Thor stepped back into the hall that housed the Watcher of the Bifrost.
"Neither did I Good Heimdall. But matters call me back here before I may continue my works upon Midgard"
Heimdall gave Thor a sidelong look. "Strange. I have not heard of reason for you return... You speak truth Son of Odin?"
"I speak truth Heimdall. But I fear I must ask you a favor..." Thor added as he approached his old friend.
Heimdall appeared skeptical. "It is always the way when you come before me Thunderer. You seek some token or guidance, much that is often not mine to give..."
Thor chuckled lightly, raising a hand to quell Heimdall's worries. "Do not worry Watcher, it is nothing so serious this time. I require the help of your eyes. I seek a man upon Midgard, Steve Rodgers."
Heimdall frowned. "The man with the Shield borne of Space?"
Thor nodded. "I must trade words with him, yet he has disappeared from public eye upon Midgard. His trail is more than a year cold, and I have nothing."
Heimdall exhaled, working his tongue over his teeth. "You would have me find it? To bring him here?"
Thor paused, before giving a nod, crossing his arms. "If it is not beyond your ability my friend"
"You forget yourself Thunderer. None yet can escape my gaze upon the Nine Realms"

With that, Heimdall set his focus outward, and Thor paced to the wall, leaning against it with his back to the wall as he waited.
Moments passed, before the Watcher spoke up. "Found him. I will send the Bifrost for him. But he is not to pass beyond my hall, Asgard is no place for his kind."
"I understand... Thank you my friend."

Soon enough, @Steve Rogers was brought to the glowing gates of the Bifrost, plucked from his previous location by the great pillar of rainbow light. When he arrived, Thor turned to face his errant companion and pointed at the man. "You are a difficult man to track down Steve Rodgers."
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