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 It's Just the End of the World... Again., An story line for the Young Avengers!
 Posted: Jun 9 2017, 11:29 AM

High Evolutionary

Nicknames / Wiccan

Age / 32

Occupation / Designer

Married / ?

FC / Vini Uehara


Monkee / PST / wiccan

First came the Avengers, they saved New York. They saved sokorvia too! Sure that lead to the Sokorvia, and an apparent split within the Avengers themseves. It also inspired the youth the world over, and there came a time when some of these youths came together as the Young Avengers (althought there were several question name choices along the way).

Now like any team, they need their own storylines, so I am proposing a general superstructure for a serious of smaller stories to ultimately lead up to one final adventure which will tie everything they Young Avengers do as they stumble towards greatness! Among some of the things I'm hoping will happen will be some descention within the team, and the team coming back together again, a fight with the Avengers themselves which like every good team right will either come to a draw or have the two teams unify to fight a greater common foe, some romance and heartache, cause thats just fun and I love purposeful melodrama.

I hope for all of us to experience all of this and more in an overall story superstructure I am calling 'The Apocolpyse Twins'.

What would You Call It?

The idea of this thread would be the Young Avengers first unofficial offical meeting, likely taking place someone where in Central park due to its one of the few places they could met in New York with a great big dinosaur -- they'd be in one of the foresty parts obviously.

The topic for dissusion would revolve around the teams name, explaining what each member can do, possible reasons for heroing and to replace the team name of 'The Fantastically Excellent Uncanny Young Avengering Champions - AkA The Amazing Protecting Defenders of Brooklyn Heights'


It's that time in every teens life which they have hoped/dreaded through their the entirity of their high school path. It's their rite of passage. It's their reason to rent a limo and drive it through a Dairy Queen drive through window and ordered cheesey fries. Thats right, it's Prom! And this year will be no different from those that have come before. Relationships will be broken, hidden truths will be revealled, cows will be tipped over, and oh yeah, the Kree will show up to get a few of their errant kids... And seriously, whats up with the Ms. Wiggen's suddenly high hair?

Nothing say prom like interstellar mercinaries crashing a date; what will Teddy's mom say?!

A Home at the Bottom of the World

The team will find a suitable home for Gert and her dinosaur, something that is likely more a necessaritity then anything else.

The underscoring topic of this storyline will revolve around the right to keep an animals as a 'pet'. I am hoping to tie this storyline into a meeting with the Mole-Man or a Mole-man like villain or emmissary of the underword. Maybe the UnderMiner?

MythAdventures / Let's Play Hero!

A for storyline which will involve Billy coercing his team mates to come cosplay with him in Central Park. They're they will meet a nice gang of Cosplayers, who don't have much, but they have thier cosplay mets on Sunday Moring in Central Park, something which they have been doing for years and as such they've managed to aquire one of the prime locations for Cosplay in New York and done so for free!

Now enter into this a bunch of rich socialistes with more money then god, who have taken an interest in Cosplaying because it's the cool thing to do Instagram, and they want the Central Park Cosplayers spot! Ultimately the socialites will evolve into the Young Masters with the help of an emmessary of Dormammu called 'The Enchanter' (Billy's reflection which has been stolen and given life in an attempt to prevent the Apocolpyse Twins and is doing so by trying to take Billy's place and confine him to the mirror-verse.

Troubled Youth

Here the Young Avengers will face off with a hate group, the AXIS Youth, a modern day version of the Hilter Youth, they are members of the Arian Nation or something like that and have issues with anyone who they don't feel to be a true American (Anyone non white). Here the catalyse to bring them into conflict will be one of them learning that Teddy isn't just a big green monster, he is also a white male blond and traitor to the superior race as they see it. Generally speaking their nuts, but are under the sway of a powerful charismatic leader.

It is here that Billy's reflection will realize the path to bringing his dark master into this world is by awakening the greater hidden hate, prejudices, and whatever else in the world.


Here the team will face off against a disgruntled Stark Enterprises employ with a thing for dirigibles, zeplins, airships, balloons, explosives, and robots. And is a complete nut bent on destroying any related to Tony Stark including Tony Stark. But he'll settle for a sponsored technology exhibit for starters.

Animal Farm

This story will come towards the end of the overal series of stories and will center around a small nuclear cooling tank which has been quietly leaking radioactive waste and posioning the land. It's also created a small group of mutant animals of exceptional intelligence, but with the general understanding of an animals perspect (See TV Series Downward Dog). The group is lead by a mutant telepathic goldfish (in a bowl, it's a goldfish) who has hatched a plan to blow up the nuclear reactor to save their home. Again, it's a goldfish and while smart, doesn't know everything. The team will / come across them while on a retreat to plan how to deal with whats coming once they've been alerted to the possible danger.
NOTE: the Goldfish, know as 'Goldfish', the leader of the Animal Farm Collective is secretly motivated by the Popeye's Chicken add with the line 'A frozen Fish Patty between two squishy buns'. It doesn't really care about the forest, it lives in a fish bowl.

Something for your troubles

Billy's reflection will have replaced him by this point, and will tell the team their is an evil counter part to him running loose; Which there is, him, masquerading as Billy. He will enlist the team to find some item of great power so that he can enact the final solution which will lead to the Apocolypse twins story itself.

!!! SWATCH !!! Your Interiors will never be the same !!! SWATCH !!!

Swatch - Daredevil's greatest new nemesis - Swatch - he comes armed with a watch and a book of 1001 paint colors.... Swatch fear the ticking of his paint gun - Swatch - fade to black....

Sudden image of Karen being driven mad by how Matt had her office painted - SWATCH - Coming to direct to video redbox near you - SWATCH

Young Avengers met Karn Page

SWATCH - stop him before he redecorates again - SWATCH

The Apocolyse Twins / Worlds End Well

The final part of the story, here the team will learn who thier true enemy is, that Billy was replaced some time ago and has sway Tommy to his side and is attempting to bring the other members of the Young Avengers to his side as well. They will enact the ultimate end of the Sokovian Accords and attempt to then kill all of the other heroes (heros vs heroes - WOO HOO!) Ultimately both sides will be informed that Billy is a reflection, either by a temporarily displaced teddy (not sure how this part will happen, maybe sneaking into the fantastic four building, reaching out to doctor doom for help, a watcher who just can't stop himself from medling because honestly, ti's all they ever do it seems), or insane rantings by Billy during the battle. Probably a little of both. The temporally displaced Teddy would bring the Avengers in or whom ever he could find to help him save Billy, Tommy and the team.

F'm still working to sew all of this together into a proper series of stories and logical progressions. I'm looking forwards to your thoughts, ideas, and opinons. Please feel free to reach out to me via discord, and or PMs. And again, and I can't emphasis this enough, this is all preliminary concept work. It will take some planning and thought and discussion to see what we can bring together and possibly even lead to a player like event //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

@america chavez, @DARCY LEWIS**, @Elijah Bradley, @gertrude yorkes, @KATE BISHOP, @[samuel alexander], @Teddy Altman, @Tommy Shepherd * The storylines here are open to others if they make sense for the characters to flow into that section of the storyline. ** Darcy lewis added because she would just be fun to have in this and it seems like something she might stumble into depending on how things are structured
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