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 One Call Away, Tag: Steve
carmilla black
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 12:00 AM

Omega Level Member

Nicknames / Scorpion

Age / 27

Occupation / Agent/Spy of SHIELD

Single / None

FC / Nina Dobrev


Max / EST / She/Her

Calling mobile...


[Milla rented out a cabin for a few days in one of the secluded areas in the outskirts of New York where no one is around nor close by, she did it under a different alias that isn't in SHIELD's books, they had no idea she had this identity, plus she paid in cash also so no credit cards or any information to alert in their database to trace her anywhere. It was better for her to have a private conversation with Steve after the battle in Brooklyn with the Goblins among other business to tend to, to keep away all the nosy people, she sat by the window, dialing up the private number Steve gave her including the burner phone, something he created for situations such as the one him and others are in now, so he isn't tracked down, she then awaits for him to answer. She glanced at the phone again, remembering she used a picture of his motorcycle as his icon, her head shook at herself, it had been so long since she took the picture, she completely forgot she used it for his icon in this phone, she places the phone back to her ear again.]
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