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 Between Classes, Tag: Open
robert drake
 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 04:32 AM


Nicknames / Iceman

Age / 28

Occupation / Teacher Assistant

Single /

FC /


Sal / Central +1 / He/him

Bobby walked around the tabbles, delivering to the students all the needed information for Chemistry’s upcoming work that they needed to do for Hank’s subject. Even if Hank was a fan of the new technologies, everybody’s favorite brainy furball always prefered using paper for all this kind of stuff. Maybe he was nostalgic, or maybe he didn’t trust the students as they could ignore Hank’s mails to focus in their own matters, like playing online games or something like that.

Anyways, as an assistant teacher he was doing his duty to assist and help both teachers and students. Proffesor has suggested to Bobby that he could become a full time teacher and be in charge of the econimics class. Bobby was good with numbers, and he had been interested in the offer, but first he wanted to observe other teachers first, so he could get the hang of it.

Just when Hank was about to make a complicated question and asked a student that wasn’t paying too much attention, the bell rang, as a signal that clases were over. Bobby couldn’t help but chuckle by the boy’s face of relief. “That’s what I call being saved by the bell” said the mutant with a chuckle.

Bobby waited in the class to make sure that everybody picked their things before leaving for their next class. Once the classroom was empty, he walked to his desk to pick his backpack. Another usual and calm day at Xavier’s.
Doug Ramsey
 Posted: Yesterday at 11:05 am


Nicknames / Cypher

Age / 25

Occupation / Computer tech and world adventurer wannabe

Single / None

FC / Mitch Hewer


Monkee / EST / He/Him/His

While Doug was also a member of the school's facaulty, he was a teacher, although he had stepped into the role from time to time when the facaulty had gone on emergency retreat. I.E., they'd departed the Institute as the X-Men with the hopes of intervening in potentially dangerous event which might have the potential for significant blow back on mutant community; Usually it had something to do with Magneto and the Brotherhood. Currently Doug was making his way for empty room to empty room upgrading the classroom systems and securing the Institute's firewalls givent that someone had founnd them with a Google.

Was that kid's actual power? Google searches? Others might laugh at the idea, but Doug's mutation was language - a social mutation, so why not the ability to master complex interfaces thought Doug as he left the classroom across the hall from the one which Bobby Drake taught business math, accounting, and economics. Doug gave Bobby a wave and a soft smile.

Bobby was one of the X-Men, he was smart, funny, athletic, and he had a great smile. Bobby pretty much was the total package thought Doug, he was like the all American boy next door. This observation was something that amused Doug to no end given that Doug literally WAS the boy next door. His family lived at 1410 Greymaulkin Lane - the actual house next door to the X-Men. How it was they'd never seen the Blackbird come or go even once was still a very baffling thing to Doug. He suspected that either Jean or the Professor had something to do with this.

" Good one Bobby. So tell me, how is Mr. Drake today? " Doug said with a slight laugh and a smile having heard the Icemen's musing.

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